miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

I found someone

I found someone that is going to be there for me Always, 
I found someone that is not going to play with me , 
someone that is here; accountable, visible, honest and complete

I found someone I can count on
I found someone that is walking the same journey as me
I found someone that is here no matter what, 
someone that is my support, my assistance, my anchor, my company

I found someone that is walking the same process as me 

That someone is ME!

I am stopping the desires of having a relationship of distracting myself in those desires and wants. 
I know that maybe someday I am going to make an agreement with another person but again I realise that with the first one I am going to make this agreement first is with me.

Also there are a lot of people with whom I can make an agreement - friends, family, group members - the agreement of Being here as this process to assist and support me and others and the entire world to make a change.

These situations I have lived has assisted me to realise  how much I have been distracting myself waiting for that "special need" and yes, I really want someone with whom I can assist myself in that way but I´ll also work on that point - I´ll not sit and wait for the world to put me in my way someone as that, I´ll work for that ..lol..

But today, I realised again that I have an agreement with me and I have been distracting and waiting and desiring and dreaming with something with who I can feel and participate in the same systems etc.

So yes, I found someone
I find ME :D!

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