miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2016

Pushing myself / Establishing a moment for me / Breathing

LOL . I don´t know where to start it has been a long time since I wrote....
Many things has ocurred during this time.
I have resisted a lot to do my process, to write, to be here.
I wanted to make a pharentesis. Take a long breath and stop thinking and analizing everything and I wanted to make things by myself.

I have a job, and I am litte bit stable with my economy but,  I have a lot of things to take responsability for.
I have enjoyed a lot my relationships with others. I have  met a lot of people in this job and I enjoy their presence in my life. I have learned a lot from them. 

I am doing a little paragraph to start again pushing myself to write and to be on process again.

:) Hello to Everyone again 

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