jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Day # 292 --- decisions and stopping distractions

In this days I have been planning in changing from the job I am.   I am in a call-center, and I spot the eye on another one. I didn´t wanted to work in those places anymore, but it seems there is the only place where you can get a good payment if you know english and I want to improve more in that language and in having more skills for my business.  I hope everythings flows in a good way cause I tend to stop from moving myself due to fears and most of all insecurities I still have.

Thinking in moving into another environment - which its the same as when I was in that call center where I knew this guy - makes me feel very nervous. It affected me a lot as I can see. But enough I will not feed those emotions again in me. I have talked to much and I have to move on. I learned a lot about relationships with these boys and now I know what I want and what I won´t accept anymore. Great teachers.

I am always fearful of new changes in my life. I use to stay in places where I can feel safe and where no-one or anything can make me feel anxious or threatened, and this job where I am in this moment its a place that in a way you can do whatever you want and you don´t see hard consequences, I don´t do a hard job - I just only call to sell loans and if the client doesn´t want it then I hang up - simple! it doesn´t demands a lot of work. At the beginning there I was receiving calls and it was frustrating sometimes because I was not controlling the flow of calls and when I moved in this campaign I felt very cool - also I start to earn more comissions, but the pay is still low - I need more. 
I want to analyze what I will do cause I don´t want to desert from the other job and again stay without anything  secure....so I am in the decision of leaving my comfort zone to a zone where I know I will have to put more attention and work harder..or at least I believe that. 
And there is where I see more opportunities to pay the bills I have to pay, buy me more things, fixing my car so I can do more things on my own,  completing my goals of enjoying my life to the fullest and prepare my way to make my business and do what I always wanted. Be my own boss! 

I first began to feel fearful, starting again...but I stop myself in that cause I am not in my 20´s anymore, I have to be more mature in some points withing my life and start building "something" for my future. And anybody it´s going to do it for me and I always wanted to do things for and by my own. 

I know I will have it and I said in my previous posts I have to stop doing things that separates me from reaching my goals.
The first thing I did was to not going out with my friends anymore - no alcohol in these days. I didn´t bought anything based in desires but in things that I need to assist myself. 
I have to also to be the one I was - I used to read and investigate more than distracting with other stuff .... Stop...I won´t feed my past, I am here. So...my next step is to get in shape in many ways...physycal and mental ... 

When I was a child I just reached my hand I get anything - my mom worked very hard and gave me all I wanted...well, not all but she wanted me to be happy - but then our economy began to have problems and I was not at the same level as I were - and I have learned to not take things for granted and to save money. Its horrible when you don´t have anything to eat sometimes, but everything goes right at the end.  
Experiences helps a lot , so this experiences has helped me to take care more of what I do and also to place in the shoes of other people and I don´t want anyone to struggle as I do...of course they are people with worse lifes and they really don´t have anything in her hands to produce money and I do have many talents to explore and explode to create money. I just want direction and guidance to not distract myself anymore.

I will do it, I know :D! 
Cause I want it and life will bring me the tools as it always do. I just place myself open to receive and all of that comes to me.  
Like having another life-teacher for me,  to have fun and to do learn more things, live more experiences...  :D LOL! ok...that will come too...First the first step...then the others will come

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