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Day# 293 --- Dreams and wishes

I was watching videos on you-tube and of Jim Carrey , he is my favourite actor  - and also he is an inspiration for me due to the thingd he have done to stand up and do amazing tihings with his life. In the last years he has been supporting new age movements and spreading messages about spiriualism and also information to change the world..etc. 
I again watched his videos talking of purpose and inspiration and about the Law of Atraction, and visualization and  I stumbled upon another one that list his 10 steps to success and again I had this motivation to start doing that....I did it in the past...believing all this information and wanting to achieve my dreams, but I started to be negative cause I didn´t see any changes in my life and also my mom struggled about money  ( she still do ) and I felt very sad because I wanted to help her. So, I forget about that also due to not being very consistent and distracting myself with other things as I look them more important than sitting and writting and planning how to create my life....
and I have seen that when I really push myself to achieve something, I get it.  
In the past, I used to ...kind of make my list of wishes, or write a letter with my dreams and then burn that page and spread the ashes in the wind with that intention of having it already and then erasing that from my mind and in a way life has given me those things...not exactly as I have written them but they come true. 
I have read a lot of information and also I find people that shares me their experiences with this actions ...like if they were saying me in a way " Don´t forget and do it".
Yes, fear cross my path. Fears of not asking my wish in the correct form and making a big mistake and getting the opposite...and you have to be careful of what you wish, but I saw Jim carrey´s experiences and this moved me to continue changing myself and creating my life the way I want. 

The other day I read this phrase that made an echo within myself, it said that life doesn´t have to change but us...so I have to stop thinking that life is going to change...I have to change....
Starting to merge in this arenas in my mind makes me start saying to myself things as: 
"we are running out of time"
"I don´t even know what to ask" 
"we should´ve done it when we were more younger or when we had more money or when..."
and then the "IF´S " starts and I start to feel sad and i loose forces within myself...but these has to end because I want to achieve my dreams...i have many and my talent is wasting.

So, what I have learned through the years is that you have to have the intention, and act like you already have the things you want...you have to feel the experience of having what you want, you have to see yourself in that experience/thing/person etc.

So the first thing I have to Stand as is as Consistency.
Within this decision of being consistent is realizing I am not longer a child....yes, I have been enjoying my life, observing, playing ( in a good way ) and mostly I had run of making a commitment cause I don´t want to stay in a place a lot of time due to wanting toexplore more and more and I think that while I am in just one single place in another one I can experience other stuff...dumb thoughts...lol...this doesn´t happens with people, cause I don´t get fed up of people and I love my friends and family...I am loyal and I will be loyal in a relationship/agreement If I have one for the first time...lol..how odd ...I feel like and alien when I see myself with any experiences in relation to having a partner...blah...but its ok, cause I want something real.... :) 

So I will continue to change my mind programming and I will start being a creator, no fears anymore and I know the information...have the tools...i have been observing and I guess I can act now a little bit more....and I am decided to be open to new experiences, to more people that appears as life-teachers so I can create day by day my own heaven so I can create a heaven for others also! 

So yes, dreams come true and stars listens to your wishes and then they go and whisper in the ears of the Universe and it conspires with all the laws in heaven and earth for you to have all what you want....all that can support life, of course!!! if not Universe won´t help you! Has to be good wishes and dreams 

video of Jim Carrey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjeZUf1QG6Y

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