martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Day # 297 --- Seeing the results

Seeing the results of my will to get what I want its and obsession. Not a bad one, but I am really enjoying the way I am evolving in this daily rutine I am making, my body its happy; I can see it happy cause I can get through the work out and not like in my teen years where it was very heavy for me to reach some posture; specially in yoga. Its so great ! My body is responding and I see the changes! 

I am revealing the secrets of the universe lol! Its the way I feel it.
Yes, the first step in myself its the idea, getting the will to make it real, live that energy, be that energy and manifest it - and the special ingredient is Enjoying all you do!

I was watching these videos,  homeopaths know this guy that do conferences about helping people to achieve their goals and they are doing live-youtube-conferences and they are free so I was able to watch them and I am learning a lot. Today they said that Happiness its evolution. Making things that makes you happy leads you to ENJOY all that you do so you no matter what, so you stop feelings, thoughts and emotions around it.
Also no judgements at all - cause judging its a justification. I was surprised yes, cause not only Desteni says this, everyone does and I see that succesful people do this and they are getting and achieving great things and I want that also ! I want to be better every day.

So....What I am doing? 

I am doing what I never did. Enjoying things and instead of distracting myself in sad feelings and emotions, judgements about the things I did in the past that sometimes hunts me I decided to move myself and to do something different. 
Its awsome I ´ve stopped secong thoughts about standing and getting my work-.out done. I am enjoying cause i am seeing the results and everyday i see me in the mirror I see a new me :D 
I wanna be better each day and achieve the goals I have in my mind, or anything that my souls wants without any limits like I had in my past. 

I see that I am my worst enemy, i am the one sabotaging myself everytime, feeling I don´t deserve things, saying myself that I am evil and that sort of things and I don´t want that anymore ¬¬° 

I want to be everything...a dancer, an actress, a designer, a genius, a mother, a father, a friend, an sculptor, a painter, a writer .... lol :) 
Limits are in my head....

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