miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

Day # 298 --- one of those days ....

Another step in my way to be better its to love myself. Not accepting less than what I want for me.

Today is one of those days where I feel out of this world...wanting to see real people.
And there are real people around me i know but maybe its my desire to have someone closer than like my family or friends are. 
With so many things that has happened within my life these years I am very dissappointed that humans wants to seek for empty things  - well, they have always been like that... I know, animals are also like that sometimes, but humans wants to follow that behaviour also instead of creating new rules, specially in love/relationships -  like the Principles Desteni shared. I see my friends around me so blind; they just want to share their "happy-life-pictures" when you know they are cheating their partners and friends and so themselves.
They forget to love themselves. And for me loving themselves its not allowing that. For example in relationships I only want to be with one person ( at a time ) I know searching for more its seeking to fill the void you have inside, distracting from yourself, wanting to be seen as cool...well, I just don´t get it...its hard to find people attractive, they are so blury, their souls has not spark 
Then the way people interact are based on hate, and competition. They all wants to be better than others, being mean its cool. People laugh if you are a bitch, and if you want to unite and do better things they say you are crazy or pretending. At the same time that if you tell the truth you are sad and depressed with the world, they just want to be in their bubble. 
Many animals dying for stupidity like the 2 lions that were killed to save a suicidal man. Why that man wanted to get involved those animals? He just wanted to get attention, he didn´t wanted to die...he just wanted attention! So fucking stupid!!!! But also people get mad and pissed off by one story in the media, the world go crazy for just one thing, instead of observing the complete scene. They are like people giving charity; they clean their hands just caring for a minute or two. 
I want to change to not be another copy of these people...and I have been one of those copies....
Being better each day in a world full of temptations and kowing what you want its more attractive indeed. A brain full of ideas to change the world and to stand for principles that help others and the more important thing is to see that person loves themselves to much to not accept less than who they are. 

That´s why I compromise to follow being that person. If I walk alone among others its not important, cause we are ALL- ONE, not specialness at all. It can be funnier to have an accomplice hahaha but thats fine... there are things I don´t understand that people do unto them....things I don´t want to follow participating in...

Bleh, maybe I have a dumb heart ....full of fairy and childish dreams...full of Unicorns and kitties... ¬¬  Doesn´t matter I will protect this heart! No one will play with it

I will enjoy everything, cause I do learn of all the things I observe and experience, but I know what I want and I want to be a change, I want to create a better world, to stop justifying things with a phrase I hate " we are animals" ( lol, male friends tolds me this everytime they wanna go to be with me ...haha which is very pathetic ) C´mon we have to change and be Real! and not a copy of the quotes you read in a magazine or the portrait you like on Playboy...

:) this is here for the record LOL! to not forget to Evolve!  = LOVE 
phew...I breathe...
 Time to sleep 

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