jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Day # 25 -- Abuse towards Animals

I have had a lot of reactions and inner-conflicts in relation to animals - dogs and cats - within the world. 
Being in contact with Capuccina, the dog we are supporting had made me trigger thoughts, emotions, feelings against the current state of the world for them. Observing their puppies; entering into this world without knowing what is going to happen in the future. They are so nice and we have accepted many beings to come and come into this reality and we are not being aware of the abuse we are creating.

Also, I go out to walk Brandy and I found another dog; she had wounds in their back legs and in  her neck - I felt so powerless  - I felt angry because I cannot act in the moment and take her to the vet, to my house and assist her in what she needs.

And while I see them in those scenarios and situations - I can´t stop feeling I am not doing enough and that I have created that for them also..by all these, in fact - by participating in all these Energy reactions...systems.

I have moved myself to stop but it still a residual stuff there that continues moving in a less scale - or in a big one; Who knows? All I can do is follow supporting myself to stop this in me and so, in others.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to see Capuccina and her puppies and feel sadness and worry about them for what they can live in their future and going into my mind to imagine and see/review with my "mind-eyes" - with the Eye of my conciousness - all the puppies, dogs, animals, nature that has to go through many problems and difficulties within their experiences within this existence. I realize the dishonesty and the abuse in these; supporting everything else that what is best for all -- because I am participating in my mind and Instead of bringing my participation back here - into the physical - grounding my feet on the ground and observing that nothing of that is happening here - but is happening in the mind and is the cause for the consequences we are living and is that participation that cause abuse and separation - due to that "separation" I accept and allow in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see Capuccina and her puppies, and also my cats and dogs and inmediately feel and imagine situations and scenarios and having them as a trigger point in my mind to participate in emotions as sadness and worry and feelings as happiness and all these creates energy that is the cause to create abuse and separation out there and within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to perceive animals as defenseless, I realize is something within me- is about me. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to perceive me as defenseless and due to that perception and idea that I have defined myself as I tend to perceive others as that without knowing the real-truth within situations, beings etc and so, I create abuse and separation.

I forgive myself that I haven´t realized that in defining people, animals, the entire existence ( the beings) according to my fears, thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, ideas, beliefs I am feeding separation and abuse. 

So that´s why I realize/accept/allow the premise that everything in this Creation is about me and I have to first support and assist myself to solve and to assist the reality out-of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel angry at an imaginary being that I think that harmed the dog I saw on the street with the wounds and creating/participating in back-chats in my head against someone or something that made this - instead of realizing that I am responsible by the simple fact of participating in my MCS and so in the system that allows this to happen - So I am the one that has to Stand and to make a change within every moment of every Breath.

When and as I see myself participating in those systems of abuse - seeing Capu, all the animals I have contact with with my physical eyes, stopping all participation within my mind - So I stop all systems, I breathe and I bring my participation here.

I realize I am not powerless within the action of Stopping my mind and assisting and supporting what is best for all life within having Self-direction to stop that energy I create within myself and not allow that to be 'loose in the existence' to harm others as myself.

I commit myself to Stand within this - To Take Self.direction and self-responsability to correct myself in my patterns and behaviours and to improve myself to be efficient and to make a change within myself first and as a consequence be the change out there.

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