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Day # 51 -- Digging and Digging in the Mind/Mind Digger

This is a continuation of my 3 last blogs that I did:

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create and feed scenarios within and as myself when I get sick, or when I feel a pain within myself - going to my mind where I build up possibilities where I see myself with something that I can stop; like a bad illness and making back-chats as 'What if I get sick of this and that', 'What if I die'. 'what I would do if I get sick or If I live that experience, and then I create that energetic movements within and as myself that are the results of those fears that I have created due to going to my mind to 'move' things there -like 'digging' and digging - I realise, see and understand how I distract myself and I entertain myself with acting in my mind.
I see realise and understand this pattern of going into my mind for 'recreation'. Instead of being here within and as myself in and as the Physical. Being here as self-attention. And so stopping this relation with my mind due to believes and ideas that the mind as my thoughts and imaginations are like this 'best friend' that never is going to abandon me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create this Curious Character that participates in imaginations/mind-possibilities and where I create questions and where I recreate myself like entertaining me as the mind to not face and embrace me as the Physical.

I commit myself to stop my participation within and as my mind and I bring myself back here where I am Present of Everything that is here. I see, realise and understand that in my mind there´s not anything that I can do to be better. In the mind I am only a slave..like an employee of the mind; that is accepting and allowing the system as it is by thinking and believing - that that is everything that exists - and there´s no other way.

I commit myself to stop my thoughts, feelings and emotions and in imagining myself in scenarios that are fucking within me - I am fucking with myself in going to the mind to do that.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed in myself that pattern/behaviour where I go to the mind to entertain me due to my acceptance and allowance of beliefs, ideas, perceptions that my reality has not value, is not interesting and so, that´s why I prefer to be in the mind - cause there I am what I want to be, what I need to be - but I haven´t considered how my reality is passing by and I am not taking responsability and standing up here.
I realise, see and understand that in my mind I can do everything yes, but I cannot Live there. I haven´t consider that Life is here as the Physical Reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a relationship within my mind where I prefer to be there than here as my Physical.

I am here in the Physical - I am not my mind.

I commit myself to stop my mind-dimensions to Live here in the Physical. I recognize since I was little I believed that my mind was the best place where I can hide and protect myself due to not wanting to see my reality as it is due to perceive it as 'ugly/hostile/bad'.

I commit myself to follow uncovering this here in the writtings, with Self-Forgiveness and my Self Corrections to Stop this dimensions and so Stand here in the Physical so I can Live and see what entails to be alive and so to stop this relationships and links I place between my mind and me.

Yes, I am my mind - but I give it the power and the direction to guide me and so I decided, accepted and allowed to become a Mind Consciousness System.

So, when and as I see myself going into my mind to search for answers, to create more questions that are only distracting myself from me as the Physical Presence - I stop, I breathe and I bring my participation here.
When and as I see myself going into my mind as a way to entertain me/ as a intent of cutting and hiding me from what is here as me - I stop that resistance, I Breathe, I place myself here as myself. I place in the ground, I place myself as the presence of myself in where I am in as the earth and I bring my attention to myself. - I go out of my mind. I continue walking here, I continue facing myself and unrevealing me here.

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