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Day # 54 -- Self-Commitments

This is the continuation from my Previous blog:

day# 53 - Giving Credit and Value to the Mind

I commit myself to stop giving Credit and Value to the Mind and also the Power to be my Directive Principal within and as me and so creating more energetic dimensions/movements inside me that makes me separate me from myself and others.

I commit myself to approach me and others in equality and oneness - stopping me from using the mind when I approach others as myself and so within this creating more separation and abuse due to defining people and approaching me and others based on my mind acceptances and allowances.

I commit myself to treat people as if they were me and so I commit myself to be this Guardian/ this Custodian that is in the Presence of Myself; in Equality and Oneness as me, here in every breath I take, every time I am speaking, ¡seeing! Life.
So, I can stop being this automatic Robot that is giving everything for granted, believing that I have to give my power away to other mechanisms - as my mind - when I am moving myself in the Physical and within this 'me' as Life is only there - inside this den created by my acceptance and allowances - waiting and being taken where the mind wants.

I commit myself to be My Directive Principle and Starting Point. I commit myself to walk within and as the Principle of what is best for All.

I commit myself to stop pleasing others and so stopping betraying and sacrificing Life due to be accepted and allowed within the World System that is based on surviving and doing things in spite of others and spite of myself, where the only thing we are living for is for Energy ( as Money ) and this is the thing that makes us forget we are Equal.

I commit myself to assist others to find solutions where we stop killing others, abusing others as ourselves to get something that has to be Given in Equality and Oneness.

I commit myself to step out of this Mind-den and so be Here as the Presence of Myself in Every Action I take.

I commit myself to Stop comparing me to the mind and so Nullifying me towards it and stepping forward, so the mind can make the things that I am supposed to do - Here in the Presence of Myself as Life.

I commit myself - as I said - to be this Life-Custodian that is Always here in the Presence of Myself in Every breath I take and so, stop believing that I am an Experience within this life.

I commit myself to Investigate Everything that comes from the Mind and so walk every dimension in writing my self-forgiveness, self-commitments and self-corrective actions.

When and as I see myself approaching others - like for example when I know new people, when I am talking with my mom, family, my dogs, talking to people in the web - I am going to be here in the presence of myself to observe back-chats, emotions, feelings, characters that are to be created due to that situations - and I stop reactions, and those systems - I don´t give value and credit - I only 'take them in consideration' to bring them here in my writing, in my Self-forgiveness applications and then I let them go - I breathe, I stop myself as the mind - I am here as the Presence of myself in this Journey to Life.

I commit myself to stop me as my mind in every breath, and I observe me in every moment I do.

I commit myself to stop placing me as above, or below anyone. I realise, see and understand that we are Equal and one so - Why I feel fear? Why I feel envy? Why I feel less than others. I am here as others in the same place, in the same ground walking - simply different expressions of me as mirrors that I have to embrace as life-gifts to investigate more dimensions of myself until I am clear.
So I stop taking things personally and so letting my mind to take me to the 'System Arenas' where I am going to participate in emotions, feelings, ideas, perceptions that are created by my own egos and so separating me from Life more and more.

When and as I see myself defining me as fat, as ugly as dumb - as different from the rest and so Defining other people according to those words I receive from others - the words I imprinted in myself to allow abuse within me and so at the same time with others - Because I realise, see and understand that due to not Stopping them in the moment they are still here and not only abusing me individually but also to other people - so this abuse is Existing by my allowance and acceptances. I realise, see and understand that is Why I have to stand as Self-Responsability and stop this within me.
So, I breathe, I approach to others as myself in clarity - I stop my mind as back.chats, emotions, feelings and I am here with others within and as the Presence of Myself at every moment. Present. Here.

I commit myself to stop desires and wants to change me as something according to my mind egos, according what I have given value and credit as the Mind.
I commit myself to Accept Me in equality and Oneness and to See me without definitions, categories, words of separation.

I commit myself to care for my body in equality and oneness - not giving value to the appearance based in images of magazines, of desires and wants to be as other people that I define better as me - no! I Stand as self-care and I commit to investigate and nurture my body with Physical Substance and Matter that is here to sustain my Body as the Physical - the same with physical movement.

I commit myself to stop attaching to food credit and value according to the mind as emotions, feelings, needs, desires - so I can Be clear to investigate within Common sense the food that is here to sustain my body as the Physical only.

I commit myself to stop believing that my Life is an Experience. Is not.
I commit myself to stop giving credit and value to my past experiences and so defining myself according to this - I stop my mind-relationship with the mind in relation to the past. I let my past here. And I commit myself to stop any reactions, feelings, resistances towards my past. I am not my past.
I am here, I am in the Presence of myself here; clear, Making a Commitment to Start Clear from this. I forgive myself from that and I commit myself to follow ahead - looking back only to assist myself.

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